Tablero de carro español

If you're going on holiday to Colombia and are staying in a self-catering apartment or a villa, then the chances are that you'll need to navigate a local supermarket.  We've put together a handy little list of food, drink and utilities translated from English to Spanish to make sure your supermarket shop is as quick as possible; you'll be back on the beach in no time! FOOD Apple | Manzana** Bacon | Tocineta** Beef | Carne** Biscuits | Galletas** Bread | Pan** Butter | Mantequilla** Cheese | Queso** Chicken | Pollo** Cucumber | Pepino** Eggs | Huevos** Fish | Pescado** Full fat | Entera** Garlic | Ajo** Ham | Jamon** Ice cream | Helado** Jam | Mermelada** Lemon | Limon** Lettuce | Lechuga** Milk | Leche** Oil | Aceite** Olives with stones | Aceitunas con semilla** Olives without stones | Aceitunas sin semilla** Onion | Cebolla** Orange | Naranja** Pork | Cerdo** Rice | Arroz** Salt and pepper | Sal y pimienta** Semi-skimmed | Semi-desnatada** Skimmed | Desnatada** Sliced bread for toast | Pan de molde** Sugar | Azucar** Tinned chopped tomatoes | Tomate en cubos** Tinned crushed tomatoes | Pasta de Tomate** Tomato | Tomate** Tuna | Atun** Turkey | Pavo** UTILITIES Bleach | Blanqueador** Conditioner (hair) | Acondicionador** Sponge | Esponja** Sun cream | Crema Solar** Toilet Roll | Papel Higienico** Washing powder | Jabon en Polvo** Washing up liquid | Lavavajillas**     DRINKS Beer | Cerveza** Camomile tea | Manzanilla** Coffee | Café** Fizzy | Agua con gas** Red wine | Vino tinto** Tea | Te** Water | Agua** White wine | Vino blanco** Wine | Vino** AISLE NAMES Bakery | Panaderia** Butcher | Carniceria** Cleaning products | Limpieza Del Hogar** Dairy products | Productos Lacteos** Drinks | Bebidas** Fishmonger | Pescaderia** Fruit and vegetables | Frutas y Verdura** Make-up counter | Maquillaje** Newspapers and magazines | Periodicos y Revistas** Ready made meals | Platos Preparados** Sweets and cakes | Dulces y Tortas** Wine and spirits | Licores y Vino**