National Parks


Colombia is one of the world's leading countries in biodiversity. The wide variety of thermal floors has led to different landscapes, from the Amazon Basin (Amazonas and Chocó) up to the snowy peaks (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, National Park of Los Nevados, Serrania del Cocuy).

In its inland waters, Colombia hosts more than 3,000 species of fish. Its various coastal marine ecosystems that cover 95% of the continental shelf house coral reefs, mangrove forests, river deltas, beaches, cliffs, parks and natural reserves.

Much of Colombia's appeal lies in its great diversity of natural environments. The country is divided into five regions, (Caribbean, Pacific, Andean, Amazonian and Orinoquia) in these regions you may find many varying ecosystems. Some of these include jungles, forests, humid areas, tropical areas, arid areas, mountains, beaches, sheets, mangroves and marine areas. Many of these offer unparalleled experiences in the field of ecotourism.  Some of the activities that one can engage in within these areas are:

  • Hiking
  • High mountain activities
  • Careteo scuba diving
  • Sunbathing and sea
  • Photography
  • Nautical activities
  • Cultural contact

Of all the protected areas in Colombia, only 23 are open to the practice of ecotourism. In six of these, services such as accommodation, food, interpreters and guides are provided. In five these services are offered under the concession scheme and in the remaining twelve the services are directly managed by the government agency responsible for the National Parks.

Colombia has fiftythree million hectares of natural forests of which twentytwo million hectares correspond to savannahs, arid, wetlands, snow-capped and inland waters. 14% of the national territory is protected.


Of the world total, Colombia has :
  • 20% of species of birds
  • 17% of amphibians
  • 8% of fish of freshwater
  • 8% Reptiles
  • 16% of butterflies
  • 10% of mammals 

National Parks (PNN) :

  • Alto Fragua Indi-Wasi :  
  • Amacayacu
  • Cahuinari
  • Catatumbo Bari
  • Chingaza
  • Serrania of Chiribiquete
  • Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
  • Corals of the Rosary and San Bernardo
  • Cordillera de Picachor
  • The Tuparro
  • Farallones de Cali
  • Gorgona Island
  • Guacharos Cave
  • The Katios
  • Sierra de la Macarena
  • The Paya
  • The Beautiful
  • The Orchids
  • The Snowy
  • Blacktip
  • Munchique
  • Nevado del Huila
  • Old Providence and Mc Bean Lagoon
  • De Paramillo
  • Pisba
  • Purace
  • Rio Pure
  • Sanquianga
  • Jungle of Florence
  • Serranía de Of the los Yariguies
  • Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Sumapaz
  • Tama
  • Los
  • Tayrona
  • Tinigua
  • Ensenada de Utria
  • Volcanic Complex Doña Juana
  • Mountains of the Churumbelos

Sanctuaries of Fauna and Flora (SFF) 

  • Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta
  • The Corchal 'Mono Hernandez'
  • Galleries
  • De Guanenti High Rio Fonce
  • De Iguaque
  • Isla de La Corota
  • The Colorados
  • The Flamingos
  • Malpelo
  • Quimbaya Otun

National Nature Reserves (RNN)

  • Nukak
  • 'Puinawai'
  • UP Salamanca Island
  • The UNA Estoraques


A unique experience where the hosts are local community organisations that act as strategic partners of the government agency that protects the national parks.  
The areas protected by the ecotourism community are:
  • PNN Cocuy
  • PNN corals of the Rosary
  • PNN Utria
  • SFF Iguaque
  • SFF Flamingos
  • Quimbaya SFF Otun


In order to provide greater attention to tourists and visitors, the national park system authorises the management and operation of the eco tourist services in the existing protected areas to some specialised professional operators.
The exercise of this environmental authority is under the responsibility of a government agency which develops control activities, monitoring and environmental management in all areas and their corresponding environmental resources.
Protected areas under the concession scheme of ecotourism services are:
  • PN Amacayacu
  • PN Tayrona
  • PN Los Nevados
  • PN Gorgona
  • Track Park Island of Salamanca

Photos by : 1. Daisy Tarrier; 2. Jeikson Andres Gomez; 3., 6. Philipp Weigell; 4., 5. Petruss; 7. JorgeDavi96; 8. Camilo Cardona -  All in WIKIMEDIA