Pacific Region

Colombia's Pacific region is known for being one of the wettest regions on the planet, measuring a rainfall of around 4000mm a year. It is the smallest of Colombia's regions and borders Panama and . The area features two national parks which house tremendous wildlife. As the region's coastline faces the Pacific Ocean, it has great beaches and is very popular with holiday makers. As well as that it also has vast amounts of underwater life, including humpback whales which swim up from the south and are very popular with tourists.


Divided into four departments; Valle del Cauca, Cauca, Nariño and Choco, it is one of Colombia's most ecological regions and caters for hydrography, mining and forestry. The land is mainly flat and includes a number of dense forests which houses exotic wildlife. The region also offers an elaborate insight into the country's ancient culture. The region's indigenous population is mostly Afro-Colombian, and upkeep many of their African traditions.


Photo by : Iijjccoo - Wikimedia

Colombia's Pacific region lacks no natural beauty and is the ideal place to visit if you have a spot of ecotourism in mind. Its infinite landscape is virtually untouched and continues to amaze onlookers.
Additionally, the area also exhibits great events and carnivals throughout the year.

Photo by : El Tobias - Wikimedia