Bucaramanga is the sixth largest city in Columbia, in terms of population, with about one million residents in its metropolitan areas.

Bucaramanga is a modern city, with a busy commercial and industrial life that makes it an excellent destination for business trips.  The city also prides itself on its excellent research facilities, based at a number of universities.

Located in the north-east of Colombia and on the Eastern Chain of the Andes and with an average temperature of 24ºC, Bucaramanga has several climatic zones, mostly hot and warm, but also windy; with plains, canyons, rivers and caves.

Photo by : Chicodiez - Wikimedia


Bucaramanga is informally known as 'The City of the Parks' as it is home to 72 well-kept parks, including: Parque Romero, Antonia Santos, Centenario, Rovira, San Pio, Bolivar, De los Leones, Santander, Custodio Garcia, San Laureano and De las Cigarras.

Photo by : Luis Gomez

The Chicamocha Canyon is one of the greatest attractions in Bucaramanga and can be crossed by taking a 6.3 kilometre long cable car ride.  The canyon is an area of land that adrenaline seekers will not want to miss; there are many opportunities to participate in a wealth of adventure sports, such as speleology, canyoning, hiking, paragliding, rafting and rock climbing.  Another tourist attraction is the small and colonial Barichara; greatly beautiful and focussed on the conservation of its plants and animals - don't forget to bring a camera!

Photo by : Luis Gomez

Popular tourist sites in Bucaramanga include the San Lorenzo church, the Dolores Chapel, Bolivar´s, Luis Peru´s and Lacroix´s House, Mirador Morrorico, Mirador of Palonegro and Chicamocha National Park, where it is possible to observe the imposing Chicamocha Canyon.

Photo by : Luis Gomez

Bucaramanga has an excellent infrastructure with hotels of the best chains of the country, with important restaurants and nightclubs.