"En Cali, los pies no caminan sino que bailan", (At Cali, feet don’t walk, they dance).

Known as 'Cali la sucursal del cielo' (Cali, heavens branch), Cali is the third largest city of the Colombian territory, after Bogotá and Medellin. It is located at the southwest region of the country near to one of the most important Colombian seaports, the Buenaventura's port, in the Pacific Ocean. It has an equatorial tropical climate with an average temperature of 26°C and an estimated population of 2.3 million people.

The city stands out as the capital of the 'rumba', or the capital of the 'salsa', and because of this, its people are considered to be very happy and friendly. 'La Feria de Cali' (Cali´s fair), is a holiday celebrated annually since the year of 1957. During this time, a number of music concerts are held, featuring both national and international orchestras, as well as horse parades along the main streets of the city, and bullfights which are the characteristic events of the fair.

Cali is a cosmopolitan city that offers tourism, biodiversity and tonnes of recreational events. The neighbourhoods of San Antonio and Granada attract many tourists, due to their fantastic architectural designs. When visiting Cali, its geography and gastronomy are the real stand-out features. Places that can’t be missed include: the Zoo, the Sugar Cane Museum, the Rio Cali, La Avenida Colombia, Parque El Peñón, El Puente Ortiz (The Ortiz´s bridge), The Ermita´s Church, the St. Peter Cathedral, Jorge Isaac´s theatre, Cerro de las tres Cruces (three crosses hill) and Cerro de Cristo Rey (Cristo Rey's Hill), among many others. 

In the surrounding areas of Cali you'll find the Parque Nacional Natural, the Hacienda Piedechinche (Piedechinche´s farm), and the Hacienda El Paraíso (The paradise farm). Additionally, don't miss the Basilica menor del Señor de los Milagros, located in Buga - a city that borders Cali. At the Pacific coast, you can visit the Bahía Málaga, the Isla Paraíso, the Parque de Isla Palma and the Isla Cangrejal; all of which are rich in fauna and flora and characterised by their beautiful scenery.
Cali is a common destination for those who seek medical and aesthetic services as well as those looking for calm and peaceful vacations. The city is renowned for its excellent health professionals, especially in the plastic surgery area, who perform great quality procedures at great prices within a number of health institutes.
Photos By : 1., 5., 6. C. Arango/Wikimedia; 2. Kimmel Cha/Flicker; 3. Alekow/Wikimedia; 4. Dan Broke