Coffee Triangle

The Coffee Triangle is made up of three departments; Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio, and their capital cities Pereira, Manizales and Armenia. It counts a population of over two million and stretches over five thousand square miles. The region was affected by a heavy earthquake in 1999 but has since recovered and surpassed its former economic prowess.

The cultural coffee landscape called the Colombian Coffee Triangle was declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2011. Many of the coffee Triangle's population earn their living working at the Coffee farms, and consequently it is an area upkept by its traditions.  With a host of events every year, an inviting community and a seemingly infinite list of things to do, the Coffee Triangle is not to be passed up.

The world's best mild coffee is grown in this Colombian region. The reason the beans of this area are so distinguished is because the grain is hand harvested and only the most ripe fruits are selected. In context of the world, the Coffee Triangle is an essential part in keeping everything going, so many of the world's population are fuelled by the coffee beans which come from this area. Throughout the year the weather is constantly pleasant, which naturally aids the growing conditions.


There is a vast availability of accommodation facilities in the Coffee Triangle including environmental hotels, hostels and guesthouses. These establishments all feature essential amenities, yet still feature traditional aesthetics, including original architecture as well as its customary furniture and decoration.

If you visit the Coffee Triangle there are many activities you can get involved in. There are theme parks to visit, for instance, including Parque del Café, where there are guided tours, horseback riding sessions, waterfall walks, lakes for fishing and you can even learn how to make coffee.

Additionally the area also features three 18 hole golf courses, Club Campestre de Pereira, Club Campestre de Manizales and Club Campestre de Armenia.

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