What is eFoil?

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The eFoil is an electric surfboard equipped with a motor and a hydrofoil that allows the board to rise and glide on the water with ease. This device is controlled by a wireless remote control, allowing you to adjust speed and maneuver with precision.

Where to practice eFoil in Cartagena?
In Cartagena, you can find several companies and tour operators that offer eFoil rentals and lessons for beginners. Popular areas to practice eFoil include:
  • Bocagrande Beaches: With its calm and accessible waters, it is an ideal place for beginners.
  • Rosario Islands: The crystal clear and serene waters of this archipelago offer a perfect environment for an unforgettable eFoil experience.

Benefits of eFoil
  • Ecological: The eFoil is an environmentally friendly water sport option, since it does not emit pollutants.
  • Innovative: Offers a unique and exciting way to enjoy water, combining technology and sport.
  • Accessible for beginners: Although it may seem challenging, eFoil is relatively easy to learn with the right instruction.

Tips for a Successful eFoil Experience
  • Lessons: If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended to take a lesson with a certified instructor. You will learn basic techniques and safety measures.
  • Safety equipment: Always wear a life jacket and, if possible, a helmet for added protection.
  • Water conditions: Opt for calm waters for your first eFoil experience, as it is easier to learn in calm conditions.

Companies that offer eFoil in Cartagena
Some of the companies you can consider to rent an eFoil or take lessons include:
  • Colombia Efoil (link): They offer rentals and personalized lessons with experienced instructors. Specializing in innovative water sports, including eFoil, with package options for tourists.

The eFoil is an exciting addition to the many water activities you can enjoy in Cartagena de Indias. Not only will it allow you to experience the sensation of flying over the water, but it will also give you a unique perspective of the beautiful marine environment of this vibrant city. Dare to try it and live an unforgettable adventure!