Medellin is the second most populated city of Colombian territory, with an approximate population of 2.7 million people and an average temperature of 17°C. It is located in the middle of Aburra´s valley (a narrow valley within the central Cordillera of the Andes).

Medellin´s population is considered to be thriving, innovative, friendly, hardworking and optimistic. The city was founded in 1616 by the Spaniard Francisco Herrera Campuzano. In the 19th century it became a dynamic commercial centre, particularly for the exportation of both gold and coffee. Today, Medellin remains ideal for business and conventions, particularly within the textile industry, because of its high quality and varied design of garment products. The city remains an important centre for top universities, academies and science and health care facilities in Colombia, and in February 2013 was voted the most innovative city in the world due to recent major advances in politics, education and social development. 

The city is known as the 'eternal spring city' because of the numerous beautiful flowers that can be found throughout the year. As a celebration, Medellin holds the 'Feria de Las Flores' (the flower festival) annually. This is a celebration of the beauty of their flowers and the women, in addition to the creativity and joy of their people. A highlight of the festival are the colourful chairs that are made out of flowers, which are carried by the 'silleteros' and can weigh up to 160 kilograms. In addition, there are various other festivals that take place within the city, such as the International Tango Festival and the Festival of Light - an impressive light display that occurs on the streets each year in December.

Some of the top tourist sites in Medellin include: El Museo de Antioquia (The Antioquia's Museum), La Plaza de Botero (Botero's Square), El Pueblito Paisa (The Paisa's Neighbourhood), Parque de Los Pies Descalzos (The Pies Descalzos Park), La Catedral Metropolitana (The Metropolitan Cathedral), Teatro de Pablo Tobon Uribe y Metropolitano (The Pablo Tobón Uribe and Metropolitan Theatre), Parque Explora (The Explore Park), El Jardin Botanico (The Botanical Garden), Los Cerros del Volador y Nutibara (The Volador´s and Nutibara´s hills), Parque Regional Arvi (Arvi´s Regional Park), the municipalities of Bello, Copacabana, and Envigado, and the christmas lighting decoration that is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world (ranked tenth place).

The climate, natural beauty and warm people of Medellin make it a top destination in Colombia that is just waiting to be explored. 

Photos By : 1. Marco Antonio Flores; - Flicker;
                  2., 3. Alejandro Sajor; 4. Edgarhkhan - Wikimedia