Bogotá D.C.

Bogotá is the capital of the Republic of Colombia and the largest city in the country; it is located at the Sabana de Bogota, within central Colombia.  The total population of the city is approximately eight million, with many executive, legislative and judicial branch agencies taking up residence in the capital.

Bogotá is the largest economic and industrial centre of the country and contributes for most of the national GDP. Within Latin American countries, Bogotá is the eighth city with the highest GDP and the fifth most attractive location for investment.

Bogotá stands out for its economic strength, facility to quickly build successful, new companies and for doing internal and international business.  In addition, Bogotá's financial maturity, the quality and professionalism of its residents and the large number of universities and research facilities makes Bogotá one of the most successful cities in Latin America.

Colombia enjoys many annual cultural events and Bogotá is placed within the top 50 cities of the world with the highest number of events.  The city gathers a range of different festivals and recognises festivals such as 'Festival al parque' (festival at the park), 'La feria del libro' (the book festival) and 'Festival internacional de teatro' (the International Theatre Festival) in addition to upholding many museums, churches, squares, parks, theatres and libraries and some fantastic proximity tours. 

Bogotá is truly diverse city for everyone with a wide variety of different attractions to enjoy.  Whether you prefer to spend your travels in thriving nightclubs or sampling a rich selection of gastronomic delights encompassing typical local food and delicious international food, Bogotá will cater to your needs and wants.

Sundays and holidays are appropriate to enjoy the 'ciclovia'. A number of streets are closed from 7am to 2pm and are reserved for people wanting to go biking, skating or taking a leisurely walk. Use the 'ciclovia' as a unique opportunity to meet locals, get to know Bogotá´s architecture and history as well as taking pictures of lively neighbourhoods. In total, there is 120km of space available to about two million people (30% of the population) that attend every weekend to take care of their health and practice sports.

Bogotá gathers in one place all the best that Colombia has to offer!

Photos by : 1., .. 7. by Luis Gomez; 8. by By John Edison Camacho Cardona/Wikimedia Commons